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Must Reads For The Week 12/19/15

December 19, 2015

Fed (Slightly) Raises Target Fed Funds Rate After Seven Years, by Ryan McMaken, at Seven years of a zero % fed funds rate, and a quarter point increase is all the economy can handle? Look at the chart in this article and ask yourself, “is this what a recovering economy looks like.”

Why One Congressman Voted “NO” On The Massive, Wasteful Omnibus Bill, at The real question is why did any Congressman vote for more wasteful spending at tax payers expense?  I see three reasons why. 1) They  favor expanding government central planning. 2) They don’t have the stones to stand up to the big government central planners. 3) They think that expanding government will help them with the voters. It is our fault they think this way.

 A Libertarian Star Wars Parody, at reason tv.

Threat That Closed Down L.A. Schools Appears To Be Hoax, Congressman Says, at Quote from the article: “Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Los Angeles), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, said the email lacked “the feel of the way the jihadists usually write”. Sherman said the roughly 350-word message did not capitalize Allah in one instance, nor did it cite a Koranic verse.” Didn’t the Democrat from California just say the letter didn’t fit the profile of a jihadist? I guess people on the left are allowed to profile, because people on the right couldn’t say something like this and get away with it.

Disgraceful White House Hanukkah Celebration, by Thomas Lifson, at The disrespect the President feels toward Jews was on full display when a member of an anti-Israel group was invited to speak at the lighting of the Menorah. This is just the latest instance of a profilable pattern of activity by the President.

Kerry Admits Futility Of US CO2 Cuts In Paris Speech, by Thomas Lifson, at Here is a quote from Kerry: “The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, and used solar panels to power their homes…… we eliminated all ….greenhouse gas emissions, guess what – that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world.” So I guess we should go full speed ahead with these CO2 cuts, even though they won’t make a difference. Sounds like a plan!

Congress Moves Again To Block Investigation Of Congressional Insider Trading, by Lee Fang, at Did you ever wonder how members of congress retire from congress as multi-millionaires? Congress obviously wants to protect this sweet deal.

Securing From Behind: DHS Working On Plan To Look At Visa Applicants Social Media, at Political correctness kept DHS from looking at Muslims social media posts.

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Middle Of The Atlantic Ocean, at Three ships loaded with diesel fuel turned around half way to their destination in Europe. Low demand, plus over-supply, plus lower price, plus no storage capacity means for the time being it is cheaper to keep the ships in the water until the prices rise. Unfortunately over-supply and low demand keeps prices down. Happy sailing.

Moonbat Social Justice Alert: Harvard Students Get Lib Talking Points Placemats, at The lefts  brainwashing of college students finds a new way to market its ideas.

Company Selling ‘Fake Hymens’ To Muslim Women To Trick Their Fiances Into Thinking They’re Virgins, by Tanveer Mann, at The free market always finds a need and fills it. But why is there a need for this product? Because the religion of peace has strict rules about women having pre-marital sex, and women face “life threatening” consequences if they are not a virgin when they get married. As a satisfied customer said, “If your product didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist either.”


Observations From The Margin

December 18, 2015

Observation Tower

-People on the left are citing the constitution for their outrage to Trump wanting to temporarily stop Muslim immigration. This is curious at best considering the left has traditionally used the constitution for toilet paper. Now they want to wrap themselves in the very document that stands in the way of everything these central planners want to do.

-The left brands certain groups of people as bigoted toward another group simply because they are not a member of that group. But isn’t the left just as guilty of bigotry against the non favored groups by simply choosing a favored group?

-Politicians place each of us into groups that can be labeled by race, sex, religion, profession etc. Since we are looked at as members of groups. I have a question? When is an activity by a few members of a group considered an outlier? And when does an increased number of people engaged in the activity cross the line and become a discernible profile of the group?

-When Romney ran for President in 2012, I heard conservatives say that we need a businessman to “run the country”. Now we have Trump leading in the polls and conservatives are saying, and he is saying, that we need a businessman who knows how to make deals. We don’t need a businessman. We need someone in the Presidency who understands how the free market works. Businessmen don’t need to know how a free market works to be successful in a free market economy. In fact businessmen like Trump donate to and lobby politicians so they can use the power of government to help their businesses and at the same time hurt their competitors. This is why Trump has donated to both parties. He is playing the political game. So when he says he’s “not a politician”, he is wrong from the standpoint of dealing with bureaucrats. But when it comes torpedoing political correctness, he is correct. This is the basis of his support. I like this part of him because it upsets the big government political class of both parties. But I wish his supporters would understand that he is not a free market guy. He is for government solutions to economic problems.

-After the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino the President came out and spoke about gun control before the bodies were even cold. Does he realize he is driving even more nails into the coffin of gun control. Humans have a natural instinct for self-preservation. When we see people shot dead by terrorists,who are willing to fight to their death, our natural instinct tells us we need to protect ourselves against these types of situations. Since cops can’t arrive in time to stop terrorist attacks, people are deciding to arm themselves. It’s our natural instinct for self-preservation, and Presidential pontifications about gun control are seen as either ignorant, stupid, or political.

-The Republicans pusillanimous (click here) behavior in standing up to the left, as was just demonstrated by speaker Ryan caving in on the recent budget ‘deal’, is the reason that Trump, Cruz, and Carson are the leading Republican candidates. The beltway establishment hasn’t figured out that the huddled masses don’t want another political insider in a position of power.

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